Iceland 2006

My Return to Iceland

But wait, there’s more! After my six weeks in Iceland in 2005, I was invited to return in 2006 as a volunteer leader. In May I left my job in pharmaceuticals to return to the mountains, valleys, and glaciers of Iceland. This time, I stayed the whole summer and was part of the international team that led the incoming groups of volunteers. Leading people in a foreign country is a 24-hour job, so I had much less time to write in my journal. I did, however, send emails back to my friends and family whenever possible. The emails provide a pretty good narrative of my summer in Iceland, and I’ve added many more photos of that amazing country. (Also of note: I bought my first digital camera before this journey, so I hope the photos are a little more vibrant.)

Excess Baggage (02June06)

Another Day in Paradise (10June06)

Down in the Valley (24June06)

Learning to Speak English (15July06)

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones (23July06)

Land of Extremes (01Aug06)

Better than New Sock Day (24Aug06)

The Soggy Tent Blues (03Sep06)

Migration (18Sep06)