Peep Show (Easter 2015)

I’ve taken it upon myself to be the de facto Easter Bunny for my small and unusual office. I mostly just supply nerdy gifts, candy, and occasional funny emails to our company,  (called BSUBAS). And of course there will be Peeps!

Happy Easter, BSUBIANs! Some friends and I visited your new office over the weekend and checked out the scene… Nice place. We also left a few little office-warming gifts for you to share, or fight over, depending on how badly you want things like a book called Things I Want to Punch in the Face, or strongly worded Post-It flags. You know, the usual Easter stuff.

We also played with your Nerf toys.

We also played with your Nerf toys.

And did a little work





We made some friends


and one enemy

We weren’t sure about this guy- we think he might just suffer from Resting Bitch Face.


In honor of the holiday, we had a brief gathering of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

We were triple-dog-dared to walk on the electric fly killer… and contemplated life as a s’more.


And quickly regretted the escalation of the Truth or Dare game


We learned new things

And we definitely enjoyed your view.

And I, the Easter Bunny, would like to apologize for the Peep-shaped stain in the microwave. The Truth or Dare game went sideways, you know how it goes sometimes. We didn’t have a representative of the ASPCP in the office at the time, sooooo… stuff happens.