Warrior Peeps (Easter 2021)

My favorite TV show right now is called Warrior. It’s based on a treatment by Bruce Lee and is set in the late 1800’s in San Francisco’s Chinatown during the Tong Wars, in the years leading up to the Chinese Exclusion Act. More than 50 years after he tried to get it made, his daughter Shannon Lee partnered with Justin Lin and Jonathan Tropper to finally bring it to life. The show originated on Cinemax, but after the second season wrapped, Cinemax ceased all original content production due to the global pandemic. HBO Max picked up the first two seasons and began airing Warrior in late 2020 to gauge fan reactions. I’m not exaggerating when I say that before the Season 1 Episode 1 cold open was over, I already loved this show. LOVED. And when I love something, I Peep it.

So this year, we have Chinese Gangster Peeps (along with an assortment of Irish Mob Peeps, Police Peeps, a Brothel Madam Peep, and an Independent Contractor Arms Dealer Peep). I posted these to some fan groups and from there they were spread around, including some comments and shares by the actors involved, which thrilled me to pieces. (The show deals with some difficult facts in our country’s history, and I hoped that my Peeps would be taken not as a glib or disrespectful treatment of those themes, but as an homage to a show, characters, costumes, and stories that I adore.) This Peep project also moved back toward the practical effects for making costumes for my little marshmallow bunnies, and then photoshopping them into scenes from the show. I mean, if I can buy teeny tiny little dollhouse knives for my Young Jun Peep, I have to, right?? Also my first Peep project that includes an opium fire.

This is the DVD cover from Season 1. The Hop Wei Tong wears these sharp black suits with red pocket squares, because of course they do.

Big Bill leads the police task force assigned to Chinatown

Ah Toy is a brothel madam, and is skilled with a dao. Don’t cross her.

A beautifully shot and climactic fight scene from Season 1

If the Irish Fire Brigade shows up at your doorstep, it’s not to save your home- it’s to stop the fire from spreading to anyone else’s house.

Need a weapon? Need information? Need to set up a meeting with an opposing Tong? Chao’s your Peep.

Mai Ling went from a Warlord’s wife to a Warlord.

Members of the Hop Wei guard a steel factory

Members of different Tongs sometimes formed uneasy alliance to do more killing.

Young Jun, Bolo, and Ah Sahm burn a wagon full of opium to send a message. (This is my favorite.)

And in extremely exciting news, Warrior announced that Season 3 would begin filming in 2022. The fan base went wild, and I updated the cover image to get it closer to a cast photo.

And for good measure, a few of the starting images…