Arts and Culture for my Peeps (Easter 2018)

Office Easter Bunny strikes again:

Hello again, BSUBIANs!
It’s been a busy year so far, but I still made it to the marina to refill R2D2 with treats and leave a little something for the three youngest BSUBIANs. While I was busying myself with that, the Peeps absconded with my phone and started taking selfies. You know how Peeps are when it comes to phones? They’re like soft, sugary, limbless toddlers. By that I mean that they’re entranced by the glowing screens and also quite adept at using them.

Now, the physical mechanics of a Peep selfie are something perhaps only Stephen Hawking could have explained, but it seems we’re all out of luck on that one. Anyway, the rascals found an app that compares your selfie to works of art, and lo and behold, they shared some of their results. Personally I find Whistler’s Peep viscerally disturbing, but hey, there’s no accounting for taste in the art world, right?

The Peeps and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, an Uneventful April Fool’s Day, a Joyous Spring, and Nice Sunday Morning.
With love and a sugar rush,