Sri Lanka 2017

I visited Sri Lanka for about three weeks in December 2017. It had been a tough year domestically, and I looked forward to running away from it all (I basically went radio silence on news and social media sites) and learning about an island that has had a long and tumultuous history of its own. I had such a great experience with Intrepid in Vietnam that I found another 15-day Intrepid tour in Sri Lanka, and then added a few extra days onto the end of my trip for relaxation at a swanky eco-resort called Tri. Once again, I will sing the praises of Intrepid (and my tour group leader, Ajith) for creating an immersive and fascinating journey through the country, from the sandy beaches at the coasts to the tea plantations in central hill country. Another wonderful trip in the books. Here are some bits and pieces, which can in no way convey the magic of the place- you’ll just have to go there and experience it yourself. 🙂

Of Monks and Kings – historic ruins and temples

One Cup of Tea – the tea industry of central Sri Lanka

Rice and Curry Forever – my favorite foods and drinks

The Southern Coast – beachy getaways and Colombo, the commercial capital

Tri – four days in paradise

And of course, a smattering of photos I like that didn’t really fit into the categories above.