Lego Easter Bunny (Easter 2017)

Another email from the BSUBAS Easter Bunny…

Hello Everyone!
I keep seeing all these Lego versions of famous, beloved characters, so I thought it was only fitting that I give it a try, because I am also a famous, beloved character. It was fun, and this year I got to be in the pictures too!

One of my favorite things about the Bay Area is the diversity.


Of course, Union Square has some really great stores. There were lots of cool presents I wanted to buy for you guys, but they were just too big to carry.


It wasn’t ALL about you guys though- I also took a little trip to the beach to catch some rays.


I even did a little sport fishing while I was in town.


One thing I did not think about, though, was how much harder it would be to bring you presents. Even getting in the door with my entourage was a challenge!


I also met this I really nice girl. She’s pretty tall and not very talkative, but those hips don’t lie, especially when the sun comes out.


I even tried riding a motorcycle to see if it would impress her. I got special safety pants and everything! But there’s a slight chance this Harley Davidson is too much machine for me.


I’ve always wanted to photocopy my cute little bunny butt. Now that I’m a Lego, I could finally do it!


But what is up with your equipment?! You guys should hire an IT guy or something.


Once we were done fooling around, we needed to do some work to leave you treats. We even had to enlist the help of this big guy. I don’t know if we could have done it without him anchoring! It was a real team effort, though.


After all the heavy lifting, the workers wanted some food, so I offered them the fish I caught. I guess they were REALLY hungry because they didn’t even cook it! Sashimi for everyone!


I thought they should have some salad or vegetables, but they were not interested. “We only eat things that had a mother!” they said. But this guy understands me. I shared my carrot with him.


If anyone gets to win a hand of Bible Hearts by playing the Jesus of Bibles on Easter, I feel like it had to be me. So I did!


There has been a lot of political action this year- protests, marches, riots. There was even a prolonged letter-writing campaign lobbying for a monster-focused egg hunt. So here I am, giving the people what they want. (So hey all you grown-ups, if you happen to find an egg squirreled away in your office area, please leave it for the youngsters.)


Also, did you guys know that some of your furniture has GIANT EYEBALLS??? Really weird, but I had to take a selfie. My arms aren’t very long though. #EBSpringBreak #YOLO #MonsterSuperPAC #HappyEaster #BSUBAS