Tri, four days in paradise


After the whirlwind tour circling Sri Lanka, I set off on my own for a few days to visit a small eco-resort in the south. I’d read about Tri in Outside magazine early in 2016 and had kept the tab open in my browser ever since, just in case I ever made it to Koggala Lake. I think it’s even what inspired me to look into Sri Lanka as a destination. I wanted some quiet, simple days of relaxation after the very busy tour itinerary. I’m also working on a novel, so I brought my notes along and hoped the four days of beauty and solitude would provide a nice setting to do some writing.


You guys. This place is AMAZING. It doesn’t seem possible that it could be as gorgeous as the website makes it look (, but it is. I stayed in a lake view room with my own balcony, and every detail showed the care and commitment of the architects and designers. The staff was incredibly gracious and helpful, and the grounds were like an oasis of calm gently nestled into the natural surroundings. Breakfast and dinner were included, and each meal was multiple courses with a combination of Sri Lankan and Western dishes, all sourced as locally as possible. I definitely became one of those people who takes photos of my food. Best of all, I could literally watch the sun rise over the lake without getting out of bed. It was an introvert’s dream!


On my last night there, before beginning the arduous journey home, I sat on my balcony watching the moonlight shimmy across the lake’s rippling water and listening as birds and frogs and insects began singing their night songs. The palm fronds danced in the breeze, making a sound almost like rain drops.  Off in the distance, probably on the other side of the lake, I could just barely hear the familiar strains of Für Elise, and I knew that somewhere, someone was buying baked goods from a musical tuk tuk.


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