Death Valley 2016

Two friends and I met up in Death Valley for a quick weekend getaway toward the end of the superbloom of 2016. The wildflowers that had blanketed the valley earlier were now confined to higher elevations, but having never visited the park before, I found plenty of beauty. We stayed in Beatty, Nevada, in Casey’s motorhome with Bob the guard cat.

Jamaica 2014

This was a quick, 10-day trip to Ocho Rios with a dear friend. We rented a cute little seaside cottage with a private deck and gorgeous views and a friendly neighbor cat named Kayak. The weather was hit and miss, so we spent a few days hunkered down watching the waves thrash against the rocks, and others out in the sun snorkeling and snoozing in the breeze. Our open-air living quarters invited a variety of insects and creepy crawlies into our sphere, sometimes late at night, which made for some hysterical laughter and frantic batting/fanning/paralyzed-in-fear-so-the-giant-cockroach-doesn’t-fall-onto-my-face/catch-and-release moments. All in good fun.

Croatia 2012

I traveled to Croatia for a couple weeks in the fall of 2012. We spent the first week in a villa on the island of Brač, near Split. It was a gorgeous rental and very affordable for our group of around ten. A smaller contingent stayed a second week and traveled up to Plitvice Lakes National Park, and then back down through a little corner of Bosnia (called the Neum Corridor) and to Dubrovnik.

Things in my Viewfinder

This is a somewhat random gallery of photos from other events, trips, and moments.