Whose Shannonigans Are These?

(Patience, Grasshopper. I’m still building this palace.)


Well hello there! My name is Shannon, and this site is where I put my favorite ones and zeroes.

I currently live in Oakland, California, and I love to play volleyball and bake and come up with elaborate jokes that justify time spent screwing around in Photoshop. I’m a building automation engineering consultant, whatever that means.

If all goes well, this site will always be under construction. I hope to continue to add self-indulgent travel tales, my favorite treat recipes, and general silliness. I’ve disabled comments because the spambots are relentless and have terrible spelling, which I can’t abide. However, if you’d like to reach out, I have a gmail account that is my first and last name, which you can find in your browser tab.

I hope you find something on this site that makes you smile or laugh or dream or plan. And if all you want to know is where to buy a pancake hoodie, check out the folks at belovedshirts.com.

Thank you for stopping by!